exhibition ON THE TABLE, Gallery X, Bratislava, Slovakia / výstava NA STOLE, Galéria X, Bratislava

Artists/vystavujúci autori:
Monika Brzá, Nela Havlíčková and Josef Tréšek, Martina Hudečková, Patrik Illo amd Aleksandra Stencel – ILLOLA, Simona Janišová and Linda Viková – si.li., Markéta Kalivodová and Richard Švejda – Vobouch, Hany H. Kašičková, Martina Klbečková, Mária Kobelová, Radka Kovačíková, Miloš Nemec, Maya Hriešik Nepšinská, Markéta Nováková and Mira Podmanická, Daniel Piršč, Bára Šimková and Monika Kořínková, Kristýna Španihelová, Pavla Vachůnová
Exhibition ON THE TABLE presents projects of young generation of Slovak and Czech artists, who work in the field of ceramics, glass and jewellery works. It is oriented on the objects and complements for dining.
The specific installation is based on intertwining of the interior of a home, intimate and personal space with a public space of a gallery.
Glass work is represented by two artists who work together under the name ILLOLA. Patrik Illo experiments and invents untraditional, sometimes humorous solutions. Aleksandra Stencel, polish designer, works with specific decorations.
Markéta Kalivodová and Richard Švejda work together as Vobouch with porcelain in combination with fully different material – concrete. These heavy objects are still functional. Martina Hudečková presents work in porcelain which copies the appearance of other material – wax. Combination of classical technology and plastic decor is visible in works of Monika Brzá. Duo of artists Simona Janišová and Linda Viková, which work together as si.li., present their own fairy-tales. Nela Havlíčková created plates and cups of simple forms and Josef Tréšek finished them with decoration – painting with cobalt colour. One of the specific characteristic of porcelain is its transparency. Daniel Piršč created collection of lights – Choroše, which work with this fascinating feature. Bára Šimková and Monika Kořínková worked with the colour, plastic decoration and golden parts in their collection Pierot.
Artists find their inspiration in various fields. One of them is history, as it is in case of Mária Kobelová and Martina Klbečková. Or it is nature, natural shapes, flowers and herbarium: collection of vases of Mira Podmanická and Markéta Nováková named Bio-vases. They present the newest pieces in the exhibition. Combination of natural and geometric shapes and contrasts of the positive and negative shapes are typical for works of Pavla Vachůnová, working as Tyformy. The borders of design and art blur. The media intertwine and there are visible influences from other sections, for example from architecture, as it is in works of Miloš Nemec.
We can see four different approaches to the food topic in the next projects. Radka Kovačíková expanded her collection PARÁTKÁ and created specific pieces designed for the exhibition in Gallery X. Pieces were part of the snack and visitors could put them on after eating. Silver rings with figural motives of Hany H. Kašičková are used as napkin holders. Maya Hriešik Nepšinská recycles old silver knifes and transforms these “weapons” into pieces decorating body. Original approach showed Kristýna Španihelová with her objects for the table made of non-traditional materials.
Many materials, classical, modern and experimental technologies were used for the objects chosen for this exhibition. Specific approach of artists affects the appearance and function of the final products.
For more info/viac info: http://bio-vazy.blogspot.sk/2016/04/na-stole-v-galerii-x.html


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